"Out of the overflow of the heart, the mouth speaks."

Me, Myself & That Other Person December 12, 2008

SO, here’s my scoop…  I have begun blogging for two reasons:  1)  To purge some of the crazy thoughts that run rampantly through my brain, and 2) to claw my way into the very ambiguous cloud of a genre generally referred to as “freelance writing.”  Were I to narrow that behemoth, I’d probably hone in on politics, sports, and on especially masochistic days, theology, which can be much stickier than even partisan politics.  I can’t pretend that I don’t possess a special knack for unabashedly telling people when they’re wrong, so editing and proofing are within my range of definite-maybes.  I love to argue – er, I mean debate, and I enjoy healthy controversy because it leads to multi-angled discussions.  Besides, I emerged from the womb running my mouth and rocking the boat and I have never given up either.  I do try to refrain from resorting to nasty words or name-calling during an exchange, but I’m not perfect and neither are you, so there’s my disclaimer.  Beyond that, I won’t reveal much about myself because it will necessarily affect the light in which you interpret my posts.  Of my personal life, I will say this:  I’m married; I love NFL football, politics, (loud) music and classic literature; winter is my favorite season; I have two great cats and a rowdy puppy; and I listen to a lot of talk radio.  I am quite technically challenged when it comes to the finer (and the not-so-finer) points of creating and managing a visually attractive blog, but I’m sure you’ve surmised as much.  After I post this, I will endeavor to draw traffic to my pages, as all this is rather a waste of time if no one finds me.  You obviously are here, whether by your good luck or my good management, so stick around and see what you see!  Thanks for reading.