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A Father’s Love December 1, 2011

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A young man with a grave disease learned of a cure one day;

And though the pills would save his life, the price he could not pay.


His father plotted secretly to sell all that he owned,

And in about a month or so, he’d lay the money down.


But the son, who did not know the plan, relied upon himself.

He robbed the store and killed the clerk for the bottle on the shelf.


His father, brokenhearted, asked, “could not you trust in me?

Then that which was your heart’s desire would be yours rightfully.”


“But now, neither my gift of love, nor your stolen prize

Can spare you all the pain and grief you’ve brought upon your life.”


All of us have aching needs, some cure for which we long;

But try we in our own might, our methods will be wrong.


Prayers of desperation may seem to be ignored;

But strength of eagles’ wings is theirs whose hope is in the Lord.


We know our Father wants to give us only what is best,

And only through our faith in Him will our lives then be blessed.


Never does God’s will involve a sinful act of shame.

What we acquire apart from Him is all acquired in vain.


God sacrificed His precious Son – why doubt that He will give

To us each good and perfect gift His children need to live?


But we, in anxious, finite minds cannot await God’s hand.

Impatiently, we build our hopes that sink into the sand.


Left with bitter, empty hearts, then to heaven we cry;

Wondering how a God who cares could leave us here to die.


Our Father sends his sad reply, “could not you trust in Me?

Then that which was your heart’s desire would be yours rightfully.”


“Because you did not wait for Me to show to you My plan,

You’ll never know what might have been and can’t go back again.”


Christ Jesus paid the highest price for every cure there is.

And all things are made beautiful – not in our time, but His.


So when you think you cannot wait for answers from above,

Be still and know that He is God – trust in your Father’s love.


One Response to “A Father’s Love”

  1. Josiah Says:

    If you want my perfectly honest opinion, this is one of the greatest pieces of modern Christian poetry that I have read in the last twenty years.

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