"Out of the overflow of the heart, the mouth speaks."

The Princess and the Pauper November 7, 2011

Filed under: Story and Verse — camcat888 @ 4:03 pm

The lovely princess, graceful and gracious

The old peasant woman, weathered and worn

Stardust swirled with dust of the road

An unlikely friendship, desperately born

From trials and life’s hard lessons

With questions unanswered, hurts unhealed

They, two kindred spirits, from opposite spheres

Were quenched with mercy poured down from Heaven

With pure and unhindered laughter and tears

True beauty where least expected

Timeless and priceless, their time spent together

Divinity alone its depth could sound

Traveling one path, in step and with purpose

Such power but by eternity bound

And loosed upon hell’s dominion

What did a romantic dreamer see

In a tired, bitter peasant with lines on her face?

And how did that zephyr rekindle the flame

Of zeal for warmth which no mortal could trace?

This world will never know

May we wind that path, with laughter and tears

As days become decades and bodies turn frail

May we see neither wrinkles nor slowness of step

Christ’s glory still radiant though earthly eyes fail

My princess, may you love me still


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