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Christmas Without Craziness – Step 2 December 8, 2010

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Use recycled paper and cards. Wrapping paper and holiday cards are expensive, and rather wasteful both ecologically and economically. Reserve some newspapers throughout the year (the comics especially) and use to wrap presents, attaching other recycled materials for added flair. Ask the children to be creative and make “patchwork” wrapping paper, cutting old magazines and pasting bits together to make larger sheets. (Have a “recycled wrapping” contest for the kids in your extended family: see who can decorate the most unique present using nothing but recycled items!) Old Christmas cards can be cut up and collaged into lovely new designs; corporate cards are usually the sparkliest (yes, that’s a real word :o) and many companies will gladly donate them after the season has passed. Also consider sending your cards via email and mailing only to those who do not have the internet. This is truly a “green” solution – for your wallet and the environment!


2 Responses to “Christmas Without Craziness – Step 2”

  1. Anna Says:

    who are you and what have you done with my not-green sister?? i am going to think of a question only my sister would know…if you don’t know the answer, i’m reporting you. seriously though, these are good ideas.

    • camcat888 Says:

      Hahaha – I’m still me. I’m just appealing to those who call themselves “green” but don’t really think about how un-green they really are! And wastefulness is never good, even if it isn’t causing global warming 🙂

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