"Out of the overflow of the heart, the mouth speaks."

Anywhere May 4, 2010

Filed under: Story and Verse — camcat888 @ 11:40 am

Eyes shut tight, I strain to hear

Above the silent roar

Of clashing wills and best laid plans

That break like waves upon hell’s shore

Stumble with me to the edge

Of what supposed “love” should be

Escape chaotic contradiction

Defy its binding gravity

Loose the ties that keep us fettered

To the rank and file

And be – anywhere but here


Take a dive into the depths

Of lethargy, unconsciousness

Tear a niche in time and space

To hide just for an hour

Anywhere but sanity

Anything but fear

Find a hope to fool the senses

Surrender to its power


If I trash the shattered remnants

Of my worthless heart

Will this dull ache dissipate

Or will I come apart?

Let me cling to you until

The hurt subsides or sleep descends

I can’t remember this much hate

I can’t begin to blend

We’re so close to one another

Yet still too close to home

Let’s go – anywhere but here


Fall from cliffs of endless pain

And go comfortably numb

Allow amnesia to invade

Waves of nothingness cascade

Anywhere but down and out

Any time but now

Shoot a drug that won’t wear off

Reality will fade


Force me to believe in something

More than loneliness

Make this silly heart’s last act

Its only genuine success

Stoke these dying embers into

Flames that set the night ablaze

Indecision into ashes

Confusion but a crimson haze

Chemically-induced emotion

Trade for sweet oblivion

Somewhere – anywhere but here


Grab a knife and sever from you

All connection to your past

Turn and wrap yourself in me

Here your solace lies

Anything but emptiness

Any way to fly

Anywhere but without you

Somehow I’ll get by


One Response to “Anywhere”

  1. Londa English Says:

    Something about that really tugged at my heart. It’s full of sad emotions, but I really like it. I’ll have to read it again to really understand it, but I really liked my first read through. 🙂


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