"Out of the overflow of the heart, the mouth speaks."

The Art of Contentment (AKA ‘Must Be Nice’) April 19, 2010

(1)  I relax on my private jet as it takes me where I need to go

My route winds through blue sky and clouds, avoiding the chaos below

The path to success was uphill – I slowly and painfully trod

Riches and wealth sure are nice, but I use them to glorify God


(2)  Back and forth in the old daily grind, a tenth of my life down the drain

The radio plays the same songs (I’ve forgotten my iPod again)

Traffic is driving me mad, and I find it so cruelly unfair

That I’m crawling along in a Ford while that jet speeds ahead way up there


(3)  My job provides for my loved ones; my family has shelter and food

Trash pickup might make most folks cringe, but it’s all in one’s attitude

I’m humble enough to accept what the good Lord has laid out for me

As I ride my bike into work, I reflect on my life thankfully


(4)  The hot sun beats down on my head as I wait for the smelly old bus

It’s late – and I’m going to be, too – and my jerk boss will be in a fuss

Who cares if the floors don’t get swept?  It’s a stupid task anyway

What I need is a bike like that guy, and a white collar job with high pay


(5)  I’m the luckiest man in the world!  I live such a hassle-free life

No bills to keep me tied down, no worldly possessions or strife

I do odd jobs to stay fed and I sleep peacefully in the woods

God’s given me freedom and health; I’m happy to have it so good




Some people never quit groaning:  “it must be nice to have more

But “rich” is a relative word that leaves even millionaires feeling they’re poor

If you can’t be content with a little, more money will not change your ways

That grass will forever be greener when it’s viewed through an envious gaze


While you covet your neighbor’s fine lifestyle, the minimum wager wants yours

And the beggar sits wishing for merely four sound walls, a roof and a door

There will always be someone above you; there are plenty below you with less

Stop worrying about what you don’t have and consider the ways you’ve been blessed


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