"Out of the overflow of the heart, the mouth speaks."

Looms, Lies & Alliteration March 17, 2010

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From birth our feet are twisted, trapped,

Ensnared in tangled webs of lies

Woven, spun and spewed from minds

And lips, from coolly contriving hearts

That seek and strive and strain for what is

Beyond the reach of those who never reach

Beyond themselves


The silken strands of sin would sparkle

In the light, if ever it pierced the dank darkness

Of dirty lives, deep beneath the smiling,

Shirking front that fools only fools

And saddens all who stumble upon what

Unravels love and hope and faith and leaves

A heartache in their wake


Small and innocent it starts, to spare a feeling

Or save an evening, or keep a friend

Who would not understand the politics of politeness,

The complicated mess you’ve made,

The gaping hole you’ve clawed to hide

Your hoards of minor variations and

Interpretations of the truth


How it spawns and spills into all

That was honest and pure, gnawing away

At every tie that tethers you to the ordinary,

Decent life you would have led, had not

Fantasy interfered – fickle and unrestrained –

Flooding the levies set in place to guard

Your precious peace of mind


Good intentions may pave it, but the road is

Mortared and sealed with broken vows

And delicate deceit by selfish hearts that have

An insatiable appetite for pain, loneliness and

Regret – those in dogged pursuit of shattered trust and

Bitter endings that cleverly disguise themselves

As “pleasure” and “success”


So gasp and sputter and be sick

Of falsehoods, faked smiles and forced lines,

Ache to breathe in sweet release, to grit

Teeth and torch the choking cocoon

Of strand upon sticky strand now fused

To soul and skin like shadow, and you

Must light a match


One Response to “Looms, Lies & Alliteration”

  1. Paul English Says:

    This is great. I need to reread it several times to get it, I think, but I enjoy reading really good poetry, even when I know I’m not getting it all yet.

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